What Are Wind Energy Bonds?

Wind energy bonds for UK investors come in various forms and allow you to invest in the growth of green technologies like biofuels, solar panels and wave energy. So far as wind energy bonds are concerned, this sort of investment is available to UK residents to raise funds for more electrical generating capacity derived from cutting-edge wind turbine technology.

Both onshore and offshore wind-powered electrical generation is covered by these sorts of investment schemes which aim to produce a high rate of return for bond holders whilst reducing the UK’s carbon footprint. These types of renewable energy bonds are offered by a profoundly experienced management team who have expertise in all areas of the market. They help to oversee renewable energy bonds investments that will make a big difference to diminishing the UK’s carbon output thereby helping the country to meet its internationally agreed reduction targets.

Firstly, it should be pointed out that wind energy bonds don’t offer any form of equity in the business which will receive the investment. These types of investment are not listed on any exchange and may not be transferred. What makes them stand out against other types of bond, however, is that fact that they are able to maintain a regular return of between 10 to 12 per cent per annum. Indeed, investors can expect a minimum fixed term of 12 per cent which means they are extremely attractive in an era of historically low interest rates. Wind energy bonds is the best investment type in the UK.


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Low Entry Level Investments

These wind-based renewable energy bonds for UK residents are only available to investors who are aged 18 or over. Nevertheless, the fact that low entry level investments starting at around £10,000 is possible will make these bonds attractive to a wide range of investors, young and old alike. It is also noteworthy that unless they are redeemed at the end of their term, then the bonds which have been taken out are usually automatically reinvested on their owner’s behalf in new wind energy bonds. All that investors need to do is to make up their mind whether or not new bonds are worth investing in at the time when their current ones mature.

Wind energy bonds are likely to appeal to ethical investors who want an attractive rate of return that outstrips anything on offer from the average building society’s savings account. The sector is upheld by the UK government which also offers a good deal of confidence to anyone considering making an investment in the industry. Wind power has increased dramatically in the UK in recent years and there have been considerable periods of time where the majority of the country’s power production has derived from renewable sources.

The trend towards wind – and other renewable sources of energy – is likely only to continue. Moreover, given that the future of fossil-based electrical production looks increasingly insecure in a globalised world, so more and more people are turning to wind investment not so much because of its carbon reduction potential but because of its importance for the UK’s future energy security.